Keeping hospital pharmacies on trackFunding challenges and the growing burden on the National Health Service (NHS) are topics continually discussed in mainstream media. The bottom line is that the population continues to grow and the Government’s funds are increasingly stretched.

The pressure on our hospitals is always clearest in cold months. For example, in December 2017, NHS chief executives warned that bed occupancy rates in some parts of the UK were at 99 per cent, with patient influx continuing. This warning came just a month after the Chancellor announced £2.8 billion in funding for the NHS over three years, including £1.6 billion in the next year, in his Autumn Budget. NHS officials had asked for £4 billion to meet the projected demand.

Hospital pharmacy bears the brunt

So much of the focus of discussions around the NHS’s burden is focused on doctors, nurses and what happens on wards. So much so that the humble hospital pharmacy is often overlooked. While this is understandable to a degree, it’s important that we all appreciate that our hospitals could not function without pharmacists.

The overall cost of medicines in the NHS in 2016/17 was £17.4 billion. Hospital use accounted for 47.6 per cent of that total, costing £8.3 billion. This is a nine per cent increase on the previous year. With growing costs, tightening budgets and increased pressure for faster discharge time to free up beds, the pharmacy in a hospital can be a highly pressurised environment.

At Valley Northern, we do everything we can to alleviate the pressure for hospital pharmacists. For example, we offer a range of NHS, paper, resealable and permanent seal bags that make patient discharge a much smoother process. Available with handy dispensers, our hospital pharmacy bags are also available with dedicated space to write directly on the bag, eliminating the risk of patient labels falling off, something that can often slow down the discharge process.

Hospital pharmacy disposables

In addition to syringes, bottles and tablet counting supplies to support easy dispensation of medication, we’ve also got all the medical disposables a hospital pharmacy could possibly need to keep operating.

Latex gloves, aprons and even hand gels can all be purchased with suitable dispensers at the same time as bags, cartons and bottles, providing a single restocking solution. More importantly, we make sure everything is as hassle free as possible, so restocking takes barely any time at all.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your pharmacy save time and money to help ease the burden on your hospital. Alternatively, you could just call one of our friendly team on 01785 250123 or email — we’re always on hand to help.


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