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Valley Northern is a family run business based in Stafford, UK. We supply the healthcare industry with medical packaging, consumables and equipment, from prescription bags to pharmacy fridges, and a lot in between!

From its origins in the 1900's to today a strong thread of care has run through our culture. Most companies don't give a monkey's - we do! Our 'We do give a monkeys' and 'Hassle free because we care' slogans simply sum up our culture, this applies to every aspect of our business. We seriously do care about; our Customers, our Staff, our Suppliers, our Products, the Environment and our Social Responsibilities.

Here we give you a little insight into a day in the life at Valley Northern...


Where did it all begin?

As a family owned business, we like to share a little bit of history behind Valley Northern - from it's origins in Valley Road right through to today's strong and caring team of over 35 employees!



Today - we continue to improve, grow, learn more about our customers, indentify challengs and provide great solutions. We're on the roll, be part of the success!


Serving in the <strong>National Service</strong>
Serving in the National Service

After serving in the National Service Mr David Pittock started working in pharmacy as a dispenser in the 1950's in the London area.


Success as a <strong>medical rep</strong>
Success as a medical rep

In 1958 he joined John Wyeth drug company as a medical rep.


Starting up in <strong>Valley Road</strong>
Starting up in Valley Road

With a large family to care for David set up his own business selling Sundries like hair decorations etc. into pharmacies. This all started in Valley Road - hence the company name!

1972 - 1981

The next <strong>9 years...</strong>
The next 9 years...

As the business grew and we needed more space, Valley Sundries bought a food factory in West Wickham and converted to a warehouse. We expanded the range to include packaging to pharmacies out of this building. 


Joining <strong>the business</strong>
Joining the business

Oliver joined the family business, picking and packing orders.


A new <strong>premises</strong>
A new premises

We had completely outgrown our premises and moved to a much larger building in Bexleyheath. Mr Pittock's two eldest sons, Clive and Oliver, became partners in the business.


Designed & <strong>developed products</strong>
Designed & developed products

Designed and developed a glove and apron dispenser in conjuction with Infection control nursers and NHS staff to get a more durable dispenser manufactured from metal. 


Expanding <strong>our customer base</strong>
Expanding our customer base

David's son Oliver moved to Staffordshire and began visiting customers and creating a new customer base in the north. 


Valley <strong>Northern</strong>
Valley Northern

Oliver made the decision to set up his own business just concentrating on the packaging - Valley Northern.


A need for <strong>next day delivery</strong>
A need for next day delivery

We recognised a need in the marketplace. The industry norm was 5-6 days delivery time and we could see that pharmacists were very busy and couldn't afford to run out of their packaging. So we started offering a next day delivery service as standard. 


Growing & <strong>growing</strong>
Growing & growing

Product range, sales and staff count grew fast, including Oliver's two eldest sons Dale and Adrian complete with their youthful enthusiasm and energy!


Listening to <strong>customers</strong>
Listening to customers

First time ready capped bottles were available in the pharmacy market - we believe in listening to our customers... and they were asking for the caps to be ready capped onto the bottles... this was a completely new idea as up till now everyone supplied them seperately. We started supplying these to our customers and it took off.


A packaging <strong>redesign</strong>
A packaging redesign

Completely redesigned bags from old striped ones - do you remember these old green stripe bags? This was industry standard at the time. We saw they needed upgrading so we worked in partnership with the NHS, pharmacists and packaging companies to develop a much smarter design which had clearer warnings on the back. This has now become industry standard. 

2004 - 2006

The word <strong>spread</strong>
The word spread

Recommendations were flowing out and we were getting more and more enquiries, more satisfied customers and that required more space to be able to serve them better. 


We moved to bigger <strong>premises</strong>
We moved to bigger premises

7,500 square feet.


Valley Northern buys <strong>Valley Pharmaceutical Packaging</strong>
Valley Northern buys Valley Pharmaceutical Packaging

We acquired Valley Pharmaceutical Packaging - this was a very similar company that mainly operated in the South of England which we bought and merged with our business. 


First company to develop and stock <strong>warning labels</strong>
First company to develop and stock warning labels

This was another example of learning from our customers. We were getting requests from dispensing staff for somethiing to help reduce dispensing errors so we developed a range of warning/advice labels in conjuction with pharmacists. 


Valley Northern <strong>buys Hibberts</strong>
Valley Northern buys Hibberts

Having successfully continued our growth trend despite the Global Financial Crash, we bought another packaging wholesaler called Hibberts of Luton and merged it with our Stafford base. 


Another new <strong>premises</strong>
Another new premises

This was the 4th premises in 10 years. This time nearly three times the size; 28,000 square feet on 1.5 acres of land! 


A product <strong>redesign</strong>
A product redesign

Redesigned glove and apron dispenser to make it more compact, easier to clean and have a bacteria preventative finish on.


Valley Northern <strong>went limited</strong>
Valley Northern went limited


First company to develop <strong>generic printed tablet cartons</strong>
First company to develop generic printed tablet cartons

Our passion for patient safety meant we developed this range of printed tablet cartons.


Harry <strong>was born</strong>
Harry was born

So many customers and clients were giving us great testimonials... we wanted to display our culture to everyone so we got Harry along to help us with our "we do give a monkeys" campaign! Everyone loves him!


Custom Print Tool <strong>Launched</strong>
Custom Print Tool Launched

Offered on our products with custom printing options, we launched an online tool which allows you to design your own packaging and see it in realtime. 


Harry introduces us to <strong>Chloe</strong>
Harry introduces us to Chloe

Harry introduced us to his girlfriend - Caring Chloe. Who has since becom a vital member of the Valley Northern team, working alongside Harry.

2020 - 2021

Proud suppliers of <strong> NHS Nightingale</strong>
Proud suppliers of NHS Nightingale

Valley Northern were proud suppliers of PPE dispensers to NHS Nightingale throughout the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to supplying pharamacies, chemists and hospitals across the country.


Launched our <strong>liquid CD kit</strong>
Launched our liquid CD kit

An industry first, we launched a Controlled Drug Destruction Kit specifically designed for liquid medication.


New collection - <strong>'Kinder to our planet'</strong>
New collection - 'Kinder to our planet'

2022 saw us take even more steps towards sustainability and launch our concept of 'kinder to our planet' which is a collection of products which are eco-friendly alternatives to widely used packaging. 

Our Mission

To provide solutions to make dispensing & pharmacy manufacturing hassle free.

That’s why we work closely with our customers to deliver products that meet their needs, provide a service that is second to none and give them an experience that will be completely hassle free.

Our Core Values

“Dale to be honest Valley Northern is absolutely brilliant, we came to you as we were having major I mean major problems with other suppliers. You had everything we needed and do all kind of bags the people here just love bags! They literally come to me with a handful of bags and say we need these! I have never ever had to chase any orders or had any issues whatsoever you wouldn’t believe the huge relief, and time saving it is to be able to place an order with a supplier and know that it will just come in, it makes such a massive difference, rather than having to worry about it all the time, we have so much else to achieve in a day hassle free suppliers are not only what we need but what makes us be able to keep going. Thank you, often you wouldn’t realise the little things you are doing each and every day are having a huge impact and are GREATLY APPRECIATED – we want to say Well Done!”

Hospital, Wiltshire
what clients say...

"We love the Precision oral syringes in a bag, it's much easier with everything together in one bag"

Hospital, Wales
what clients say...

"What a brilliant team you have there, I wish they all worked for me! Everyone is excellent and your service is second to none"

Holistic Treatment Centre
what clients say...

"It's amazing service. I've been in this industry for years and never had such great service"

Hospital, West Midlands
what clients say...

"Every time someone from your company calls they're so happy; it's always lovely to hear"

Pharmacy, Surrey
what clients say...

"We have never had anything out of stock with yourselves, and we get very good customer service so we can't fault you!"

Hospital, North Wales
what clients say...

"If everyone was like that I wouldn't have a warehouse full of returns and things so that's great - thank you very much"

Wholesaler, Essex
what clients say...

"Thank you for your delivery... We ordered some stuff from another company and that didn't turn up, but as usual Valley Northern's was all there"

Health Centre, Lancashire
what clients say...

"It was excellent service; we ordered one day and there it was the next!"

Medical Surgery, Kent
what clients say...

"Very professional service; I like it."

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"The price rates are extremely competitive, as well as exceptionally well put together from a client’s perspective. We look forward to closing business with you on our next order."

Pharmacy Group
what clients say...

"It's lovely to deal with a happy company."

Pharmacy, West Midlands
what clients say...

"If only other suppliers were as efficient and good as Valley Northern; you sort us out with no questions or qualms and we do appreciate that."

Hospital, West Midlands
what clients say...

"Thank you - you are the best!"

Pharmacy, West Midlands
what clients say...

"We will be getting all of our orders from you from now on, and thanks for the samples you sent"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"Valley Northern has always been so easy to deal with. Because we are a small company, some companies don't want to know. Nothing seems too much to ask from Valley Northern"

Medical Surgery, London
what clients say...

"You look after your customers very well and are always very helpful"

Pharmacy, Surrey
what clients say...

"The service has been outstanding! I deal with hundreds of companies and none have ever done what you have. You never quibble or question, you keep us up to date; it's amazing"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"I just wanted to say thank you for the speedy delivery yesterday. It was a 24 hour turn around, I have never known anything like it before, so thank you"

Medical Surgery, Herefordshire
what clients say...

"I'm really happy with your service. You are on time, you help me, you keep me updated; it's excellent service and you don't get it with other companies you know!"

Pharmacy, Surrey
what clients say...

"I must say your customer service and everything your company does for us is brilliant; I'm not just saying that. Whatever we ask or want, you always help us; it's just brilliant!"

Hospital, London
what clients say...

"Thank you for such a quick service and nice staff; its been a stress free order"

Medical Surgery, South Wales
what clients say...

"I deal with a lot of other companies and there's nobody like you out there"

Hospital, Middlesex
what clients say...

"To be honest I'm glad I deal with a company like you"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"Your customer care is outstanding. I wish more companies were like you"

Hospital, West Midlands
what clients say...

Your customer service is spot on; thanks very much for your help.

Hospital, Surrey
what clients say...

"Can I just say how nice it is to speak to someone quickly...rather than pressing this and that"

Pharmacy, Northamptonshire
what clients say...

"Thank you; if only every company was like yours…"

Pharmacy, Surrey
what clients say...

"All of your staff are so friendly there; it is very good"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"I've been in retail for over 20 years. I tell everyone that Valley Northern has the best customer service. Honestly, whenever I come off the phone after speaking with you I say it!"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"We do love your service, and all of them say the same at our other shop"

Pharmacy, West Midlands
what clients say...

"Thank you for your customer service; it is very good and we appreciate it"

Pharmacy, London
what clients say...

"You always have good service and service accounts for a lot"

Pharmacy, Northamptonshire
what clients say...

"Thank you for being so professional and calling me"

Hospital, Sussex
what clients say...

"Your company is always so professional and lovely to deal with"

Hospital, London
what clients say...

"One of the main reasons we use you is that you deliver whole orders and your stock is always available"

Pharmacy, Cheshire
what clients say...

"The delivery went like clockwork"

Dentist, Lancashire
what clients say...

"I was very impressed with your speedy service"

Hospital, London
what clients say...

"As always with Valley Northern, the service is fantastic and I've got no problems"

Private Clinic, London
what clients say...

"Anything else we need help on, we will be there, you're at the top of my pile"

Veterinary Surgery, South Wales
what clients say...

"Everyone is so friendly. I've got a very strong relationship with my rep, and relationships mean a lot to me rather than just emails"

Hospital, London
what clients say...

"You are our main supplier for packaging materials. You are reliable and very quick to deal with any questions. You make me feel as though I am your only customer"

Specials Manufacturer, Birmingham
what clients say...

"I wish everyone was like you. Other companies don't lay it out so clearly, it's very helpful"

Veterinary Centre, Scotland
what clients say...

"You are super helpful, and incredibly polite and professional"

Hospital, London
what clients say...

"We can always rely on you as our supplier"

Pharmacy, Berkshire
what clients say...

"I love it when I call in and you know who I am before I say my name! I like dealing with you because you're happy and always able to help. I don't know another company like you!"

Chemist, Kidderminster
what clients say...
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