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  • 18 Feb 20

    Couldn't be more helpful, many thanks!

  • 14 Feb 20

    excellent service, definitely deserving of a pay rise!

  • 13 Feb 20

    Quick response thank you

  • 12 Feb 20

    Very helpful and quick response time.

  • 10 Feb 20

    Excellent. Thank You

  • 7 Feb 20


  • 6 Feb 20

    Ann-Marie was very helpful with my queries and was even nice enough to send me a new batch of bags for my fault ones. I even got a box of Celebrations which was a nice suprise. Many Thanks!

  • 3 Feb 20

    Thank you for following up my query. and resending and checking on Fri 31.1.20 if we received the goods again. I confirmed on Mon 03.2.20 with a colleague because Nikki was on her tea break goods received and booked in on 31.1.20. keep up the good work customer service team!!!

  • 3 Feb 20

    give nicky a promotion !

  • 3 Feb 20

    Great help, great service, many thanks.

  • 31 Jan 20

    Really helpful service

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