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  • 25 Feb 21

    Great support and customer service provided by Ann-Marie, well done!

  • 25 Feb 21

    Rotelle was super quick to reply and get the order through. Super helpful.

  • 25 Feb 21

    Nikki provided me constant updates which I found really helpful, I also found Nikki to be extremely professional and polite. Excellent customer service skills.

  • 24 Feb 21

    Shannon provided me with the information I needed quickly and efficiently.

  • 17 Feb 21

    Very helpful and quick resolution of product discrepancy.

  • 16 Feb 21

    Thank you

  • 5 Feb 21

    As always Gillian has been very supportive and communicative in these challenging times.

  • 3 Feb 21


  • 2 Feb 21

    Excellent Service

  • 1 Feb 21

    That was a very professional. Proactive and solution seeker. I have been delighted with the support and communication skills. Thank you Papa

  • 29 Jan 21

    Nikki was extremely helpful and efficient. Thank you

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