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  • 14 Oct 21

    Thanks for your help

  • 13 Oct 21

    She is always very helpful - a credit to the company!

  • 28 Sep 21

    Keep up the good work Ann-Marie and Team

  • 23 Sep 21

    great service. efficient and courteous and got the issue resolved quickly

  • 22 Sep 21

    Excellent service as always.

  • 22 Sep 21

    Rotelle has always been extremely polite and hepful.

  • 21 Sep 21

    Regarding the service delivered by Nikki I can say confidently that she dealt with it quickly and efficiently, everything she advised would happen did happen and that is a rarity haha. She even went to the effort to give us a complimentary bag of sweets for an issue which was completely our of your hands and ensured above all else that the customer was satisfied. She is a credit to your team :)

  • 20 Sep 21

    They were very professional and helpful

  • 17 Sep 21


  • 15 Sep 21

    Great customer service

  • 8 Sep 21

    Thank you Helen for all of your support and the effort you put into this query. FYI I am still waiting to find out how the event went and therefore the possibility of the Trust featuring at future events and the potential need for further supplies of the sachets. Kind Regards Tracy Sandford DHUFT.

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