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  • 10 Jul 20


  • 10 Jul 20

    I am very concerned with all the errors we have been receiving lately. Errors cause extra paperwork and our time sorting the problems out. Thanks to Nikki the invoice will be payed in a timely manor. Jax

  • 9 Jul 20

    Ann-Marie was friendly and helpful and kept us updated on the issue.

  • 8 Jul 20

    Gemma did a perfect job of providing the details as requested by our client. Her handling of this enquiry was second to none. Well done and keep up your great attitude. ag

  • 7 Jul 20

    Consistently providing regular updates and always a pleasure to talk to. Gold Standard customer service - thank you Anne-Marie!

  • 7 Jul 20

    Good service

  • 1 Jul 20

    Anne Marie always provides the best service every single time!

  • 30 Jun 20

    Excellent service, you do give a monkey's.!

  • 29 Jun 20

    It has been a real pleasure to work with Nikki and colleagues at VN during what has been a difficult time

  • 23 Jun 20

    Gillian is very driven and polite and I can rest in the knowledge that she will take care of everything. A great asset to your company. Deserves a promotion.

  • 19 Jun 20

    Friendly and helpful, quick response times too!

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