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Our Brands

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SpillGel specialises in safety absorbent gel, offering effective solutions for managing and cleaning up spills in various industries.

ProBox® logo

Our leading range of medicine cartons will be exactly what you're looking for when dispensing prescriptions to patients. The printed cartons and dispensers are eye-catching and will keep your store room neat and tidy.

Pharmasafe® emblem


Pharmasafe is a trusted brand specialising in high-quality pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Our product range includes a wide selection of durable pharmaceutical bottles, tablet trays, and drug destruction kits

Precision® logo


Precision specialises in oral syringes. With a focus on accuracy and ease of use, Precision oral syringes offer precise measurement and smooth dispensing for liquid medications, infant feedings, and other oral applications.

Mediclean® emblem


Mediclean specialises in supplying high-quality cleaning products for various healthcare environments.

Confidence® logo


Confidence specialises in hospital dispensers, offering reliable and efficient solutions for medication management in healthcare settings. Designed with the unique needs of hospitals in mind

PurePac® logo


PurePac cartons are designed to safeguard the integrity of medications. These cartons feature secure lock ends, designed to save dispensing time and reduce wastage.

Status® logo


Status is a reputable brand that specialises in pharmacy labels. Offering a comprehensive range of labelling solutions, Status ensures accuracy and organisation in pharmaceutical settings.

ProPac® logo

ProPac boasts a fantastic range of market leading bags, offering reliable solutions for medication packaging and organisation. ProPac bags provide secure and convenient storage for prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and other supplies

Hygihub® emblem


Hygihub glove and apron dispensers provide efficient and hygienic storage solutions for the healthcare industry which are easier to clean and maintain.

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