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  • 18 Feb 20

    Couldn't be more helpful, many thanks!

  • 14 Feb 20

    excellent service, definitely deserving of a pay rise!

  • 13 Feb 20

    Quick response thank you

  • 12 Feb 20

    Very helpful and quick response time.

  • 10 Feb 20

    Excellent. Thank You

  • 7 Feb 20


  • 6 Feb 20

    Ann-Marie was very helpful with my queries and was even nice enough to send me a new batch of bags for my fault ones. I even got a box of Celebrations which was a nice suprise. Many Thanks!

  • 3 Feb 20

    Thank you for following up my query. and resending and checking on Fri 31.1.20 if we received the goods again. I confirmed on Mon 03.2.20 with a colleague because Nikki was on her tea break goods received and booked in on 31.1.20. keep up the good work customer service team!!!

  • 3 Feb 20

    give nicky a promotion !

  • 3 Feb 20

    Great help, great service, many thanks.

  • 31 Jan 20

    Really helpful service

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So many choices, so many decisions….

We’ve included a selection of reasons why other healthcare professionals like you have decided to use us as their 1st choice supplier.

Our happy customer service team are quick to answer your call. 

Speak to a human first time, every time.


Hassle free is our slogan and our passion. We want to make your dispensing and your experience with us hassle free.


We hold thousands of products in stock — and if we don’t stock it, we can look into sourcing it for you.


We don’t believe in cutting corners, we pride ourselves on top quality products that you can trust.


Want to find out more?

Contact us on +44(0)1785 250123 or email sales@valleynorthern.co.uk to speak to our customer sales team to discuss your specific needs.

We love the Precision oral syringes in a bag, it's much easier with everything together in one bag.

Hospital, Wales
what clients say...

What a brilliant team you have there, I wish they all worked for me! Everyone is excellent and your service is second to none

Holistic Treatment Centre
what clients say...

It's amazing service. I've been in this industry for years and never had such great service.

Hospital, West Midlands
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