Easing pressure on general practices As part of the General Practice Forward View document, the number of pharmacists employed in general practices (GP) is set to increase vastly. With this in mind, Valley Northern is determined to equip these pharmacists with the right products and ensure their days run as smoothly as possible.

GP’s are a key figure in the community offering advice, support and treatments to their many patients.  Valley Northern are determined to equip them with the right products to help ensure their days run as smoothly as possible.

Many GP’s have a full-time pharmacist based there, offering an extra service to its patients. “We see a full-time pharmacist in general practice as an essential part of our workforce,” says Caroline Jewels, Managing Partner at the Sands End Health Clinic in Chemist and Druggist magazine.  She initially hired a pharmacist to ease the workload on doctors without reducing the quality of patient care.

The product ranges we provide at Valley Northern equip both the pharmacists and the doctors alike.  We appreciate that time is a valuable commodity in general practice.

We also have a large range of high-quality disposable paper products, helping ensure cleanliness and hygiene between consultations.  Along with our extensive range of sharps bins, you can ensure everyone’s health and safety is being looked after.

Our ProPac® Non-NHS Prescription Bags not only look the part but have clear advice to patients on how to stay safe with their medication.  Additionally, with designated space for an address label, procedures are kept consistent and refined.

We’ve got countless other products to keep your GP surgery running like clockwork, removing the hassle from day to day jobs.  From gloves and hand soaps and dispensers to pharmacy fridges and even your printer cartridges and toners.  However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch with us and tell us your requirements, and our sourcing team will find it for you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01785 250123 or email


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