Introducing Caring Chloe

Posted in: About Valley Northern 3rd July 2019

They met across a crowded waiting room….


Harry was just finishing his shift helping out at the local hospital pharmacy.  It had been what you would call ‘one of those days’, and all Harry wanted to do was swing home through the tree tops and have some well earned banana pie.  But this wasn’t going to be the typical end to a typical day…


As Harry walked through the waiting room to make his way out of the hospital, he spotted something he never thought he’d see this far from his exotic hometown….a beautifully green female monkey, who’s eyelashes seemed to flutter in slow motion as she made eye contact with him.  All the hustle and bustle of the waiting room seemed to blur away, and nothing else was visible to Harry in that moment.


It was a dream come true! Harry had been feeling a teeny bit homesick recently and was missing his friends and family.  This was just the thing he needed!  He looked down at his white  coat, doing his best to wipe away the evidence of a busy lunch which typically his jacket seemed to have eaten more of than him!  This all seemed irrelevant though, as he plucked up the courage to walk across to this beautiful green vision before him.


As he approached her, she turned around and stopped….she too saw Harry in slow motion, the noises around her seemed to fade away, and as he approached she blushed, not knowing what to say or do.


“Erm, hi there” he was stumbling on his words through nerves “I’m Hassle Free Harry”


“Oh hello” she giggled “I’m Caring Chloe”


Chloe was just ending her shift too, and although both had plans to swing home and enjoy a peaceful evening after an eventful day, Harry plucked up the courage to ask Chloe if she wanted to see the city from his favourite tree top.


Of course Chloe said yes, and the rest as they say, is history.  Hassle Free Harry and Caring Chloe have been together ever since, and are very excited to tell you all….finally!

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