Improving Patient Safety

Posted in: About Valley Northern 22nd August 2016

Improving Patient Safety With

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Here at Valley Northern, we’re all about helping our customers do things the ‘hassle free’ way and we want to help you in achieving seamless, organised dispensing. 

We’ve had a really exciting few months launching the new ProBox Tablet Carton range which we’re sure you’ve seen by now, and we’ve even designed a convenient dispenser to go with it, making life even more hassle free for you!


So why should you order ProBox? 

Why will the new design help you and your patients?


ProBox Increases Patient Safety – It shouts medication! 

ProBox Saves Time – It’s quicker to identify in your patient’s medicine cabinet

ProBox Saves space – We’ve streamlined the range to the 6 most popular sizes

ProBox has Strong, Lock-Ends – Both ends of the boxes have interlocking flaps meaning the medication stays inside and doesn’t fall out


If you're still wondering why you should switch to ProBox, have a look at our testimonials below from customers that have already made the change...


"I saw my son playing with a ProBox tablet carton and I knew straight away to take it off him.  Had it have been a plain carton I may not have noticed so quickly"  - Mother

"They are very smart and bright" - Pharmacist

"They look professional and are much more sturdy" - Pharmacist


"Personally I think they are very smart. I like the part that says keep away from animals and small children - much clearer on ProBox cartons than on other boxes" - Hospital

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