Flu Season 2017/18

Posted in: About Valley Northern 1st August 2017

Flu season is nearly upon us, and with the NHS offering vaccinations to a larger number of patient groups this year, getting value for money is key.


We understand that resources are stretched at times, and budget plays a big part in ordering and buying decisions.  Valley Northern are always working on trying to offer competitive prices and still offer the highest quality products.


We’ve been working hard over the last few months and focussing on this primarily and we’ve come up with some bundle pack offers giving our customers considerable cost savings.


Just one example of this is the Vac-Pak which we’re launching as a brand new product bundle to ensure value for money during this flu season.  With all the components required (except the vaccination itself) you can guarantee a minimum of 100 vaccinations with each pack.  Priced at 25% less than the list value of the products when purchased separately, it’s a deal not to be missed! 


We have a full range of flu vaccination season products available along with the Vac-Pak to help you get ready for this busy time ahead.  Click here to view.


With children as young as 2 being offered the vaccine this year, why not get yourself a Hassle Free Harry mascot to have sat with you to help keep their mind off the vaccine as it’s happening!  



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