Denaturing kits to destroy unused drugs

Posted in: About Valley Northern 16th July 2018 Denaturing kits to destroy unused drugs

Pharmacy and healthcare consumables provider Valley Northern, has launched a new range of denaturing kits that will make drug disposal safer and more secure. Unlike most denaturing products on the market, which only encapsulate the medication, the new range of Pharmasafe® kits actually destroy the active controlled drugs, making them irrecoverable.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) guidance for pharmacists on the safe destruction of drugs explains that “pharmacists are strongly advised to denature controlled drugs and render them irretrievable as soon as possible.”

Despite this guidance, most denaturing kits on the market simply encapsulate drugs in a gel, meaning it is possible for someone to retrieve and use the substances if they were to break into the kit.

If a controlled drug is still in its active form because it hasn’t been completely destroyed, it could still be consumed. Taking controlled drugs without medical advice can be extremely dangerous and could lead to serious consequences and addiction.

“This denaturing kit provides another level of protection for the public, who rightly expect that returned drugs are destroyed and stored safely,” explained Adrian Pittock, marketing director at Valley Northern. “This is because, in addition to encapsulating the drug, the new kit employs a chlorinating agent, which breaks apart the chemical bonds in the active part of the drug.

“This is vital because after 48 hours, the drug will no longer be active and can be disposed of as pharmaceutical waste. Drug denaturing helps to ensure the safety of members of the public and destroying returned drugs is a crucial role carried out by all pharmacies, whether they are independent pharmacies in our community, dispensary services in hospital or veterinary surgeries prescribing medication for animals.

“These kits, which completely destroy drugs and render them irretrievable will protect vulnerable people such as children, who may accidentally access harmful drugs, or drug addicts, who may attempt to retrieve controlled drugs that haven’t been disposed of properly.”

All medication, including tablets and liquids, can be denatured, with no need to crush tablets beforehand. Pharmacists need to simply add water to the container and shake it. As a result, the contents become congealed and encapsulate the medication. In 48 hours, the active drug is completely destroyed, making it irretrievable.

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