Propac® Prescription Bags

Propac®  Prescription Bags

Way back in 2004 we identified that the Pharmaceutical market was in need of an ugraded alternative to the old green stripe design Prescription bags that were the industry standard at the time. We worked in partnership with the NHS, Pharmacists and packaging companies to develop a much smarter design with clearer warnings on the back. This design proved so popular that it was replicated by other Pharmaceutical packaging companies across the UK and soon became the new industry standard. 

Now, 16 years later, with global warming and responsible consumerism at the forefront of everybody's minds, we thought it was high time we went back to the drawing board and redesigned Prescription bags to not only emphasise patient safety warnings, but also to inform the end-consumer about how they can re-use, recycle or dispose of each bag responsibly.

Look out for the new design Propac® Prescription bags coming through over the next few months as we switch over our current stocks to these smarter, new and improved bags; available in NHS, non-NHS and Veterinary bag ranges.

These bold, brightly coloured design bags are exclusive to Valley Northern and have safety, warning and environmental messaging printed on as standard. Our new bag range puts patient safety and the needs of our environment first.

Samples are available upon request and we have produced downloadable disposal guides to help you make the most informed choice for your business and your local area.​

Browse our new, environmentally conscious range here. These bags are also available for Custom Print, so you can make your brand stand out from the crowd by adding your logo and any other messaging and imagery that you want. Either use our Custom Print Design Tool to bring your designs to life or contact our Design Consultants on 01785 250123, or by emailing

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