Supporting chemists at the heart of the community Ever-increasing demand on the healthcare system, alongside growing financial pressures, means it is essential that we look to community pharmacies as vital members of the wider public health workforce, as the recent Building Capacity report explains.

Many pharmacies across the UK are now commissioned to provide a wide range of public health services and advice, including smoking cessation services, weight management services and additional enhanced services. But as this report explains, there is a strong feeling that pharmacies are currently under-used.

Valley Northern is here to support the 11,647 community pharmacies in England, believing they offer an ideal location to reach out to local communities and provide healthy lifestyle advice and services in an accessible and convenient way. 

The product ranges we provide at Valley Northern equip pharmacists in the local community to carry out their day-to-day work as smoothly as possible, which will help with growing demand. Our ProPac® NHS prescription bags have been designed with clear advice on medical adherence as well as having a designated space for an address or instruction labels. Using these alongside our bag dispensers makes the process for prescription dispensation is streamlined and refined.

We've got plenty of other products to keep your pharmacy hassle free. For example, our UnoPac® Ready Capped tablet bottles save you time on capping and are guaranteed to be contamination free. Looking for something cool? Our Labcold™ pharmacy fridges are robust, hygienic and have a real-time temperature display. Want to leave a lasting message such as 'fridge item', or 'flu vaccination available here'? Put a label on it with our pharmacy labels.

Building your brand

We appreciate that every pharmacy is unique, which is why we launched our bespoke printing service. With our bespoke pharmacy bags and cartons, pharmacies can design their own packaging in a way that represents their brand, with their logo positioned and sized to their personal preferences. This lets you put your own stamp on your pharmacy, building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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