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Posted in: About Valley Northern 21st April 2020 Sustainable by Design

Here at Valley Northern we really do give a monkey’s about the environment, so we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can minimise the impact of our packaging on the world we live in.

One area of packaging that has really come under fire very publicly over recent years has been the use of plastic; primarily single use plastic carrier bags. The 5p single use carrier bag (SUCB) charge, first introduced in October 2015, is reported by the government to have reduced consumer use of carrier bags by 83%.

The increase of this SUCB charge to 10p, extending to include all retailers and not just those with over 100 employees, is a step further towards encouraging consumers to reuse and recycle bags. For businesses: sourcing quality, cost effective plastic alternatives is the only solution to the ever-increasing demand to eliminate the single use plastic bag.

With a variety of products that are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable and an ISO 14001 accreditation, Valley Northern are intent on offering our customers the widest choice of cost-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions in the market. It is with great pleasure that we can reveal to you our all new and improved design of sustainable bags.

Choose from sustainably sourced paper, 30% recycled content plastic, corn starch, potato starch or sugar cane bag options.

With safety, warning and environmental messaging printed on as standard our new bag range puts patient safety and the needs of our environment first. All our sustainable bags are available to Custom Print with your logo to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

“We are really excited to be the first in the market to start proactively communicating the environmental impact of bags,” says Adrian Pittock, Marketing Director at Valley Northern. “We hope these will give you a competitive edge in assuring your customers that they are using bags from a company that cares for the environment.”

With a bold, brightly coloured design exclusive to Valley Northern you won’t get these bags from anywhere else.

Samples are available upon request and we have produced downloadable disposal guides to help you make the most informed choice for your business and your local area.

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