Reopening NHS Nightingale to Impact Pharmacy Teams

Posted in: About Valley Northern 20th October 2020 Reopening NHS Nightingale to Impact Pharmacy Teams

The Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP) has warned of the “incredible strain” that reopening NHS Nightingale hospitals will put on hospital pharmacy teams.


Speaking to The Pharmaceutical Journal, the vice president of the GHP, Ewan Maule, has said that the pressure of additional beds and patients, combined with increased levels of staff self-isolating, means that the predicted impact on pharmacies would be “more severe” than it was during the first spike in COVID-19 cases.

As experts revealed that more people were in hospital with COVID-19 than before lockdown began in March 2020, several NHS Nightingale hospitals in northern England were asked to prepare to take patients in mid-October 2020. It was then announced on 22 October 2020 that NHS Nightingale North West would be opening by “the end of the next week”.

Jane Eddleston, critical care network lead for Greater Manchester, said at a Manchester City Council press conference that the NHS Nightingale facility would be used as a facility for patients to have additional rehabilitation.

“[It will be for] patients who would be ready for home discharge were their functional state a bit better, so it will be an opportunity for us to pursue … [a] discharge to assess model,” Eddleston said, adding that it would “not be used” as a critical care facility.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has published a guide to help Pharmacists maintain their wellbeing throughout this distressing coronavirus pandemic. This guide, as well as many others that may be of use, can be accessed here.

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