Customer Service Week 2015

Posted in: About Valley Northern 28th October 2015

During the week 5th-9th October 2015 it was Customer Service Week.  Customer Service Week is widely recognised and celebrated in many ways at different organisations, in many countries across the world.

We are known to be Hassle free because we care but that doesn't mean we can't do better!  We held meetings with our whole team to go over and celebrate the great Customer Service that we provide.  The entire team spent time reading through some of our Customer Testimonials to remind us just how valued great Customer Service is!  

Our celebration included eating our way through giant tubs of Heroes chocolates to celebrate the fact that we're all Everyday Heroes in the world of Customer Service!

We know that there's always room for improvement so we also discussed ways in which we could improve our service and had a brainstorming session.  We also found out that...

...someone who is great at Customer Service…

1.    Makes efforts to exceed customer expectations

2.    Knows the value of excellent service to their business

3.    Is a role model to other colleagues when delivering service

4.    Knows the value of working as part of a team


What do you think of our Customer Service?  Please tell us by clicking here and completing the feedback survey.

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