How To Get Your Packaging Custom Printed

Posted in: About Valley Northern 19th November 2020 How To Get Your Packaging Custom Printed

Did you know you can make your packaging work harder by customising it to advertise your brand?

With Valley Northern, customers can design bespoke packaging in a way that represents their brand, with their logo positioned and sized to their preferences on uniquely printed bags and cartons. 

​Consistent, brand-focused packaging will help independent companies build their reputation, as well as sending out a professional impression to their existing and potential customers. Additionally, customising pharmacy packaging can offer numerous operational, regulatory and financial benefits.

But surely customising packaging is just a waste of time and money? Not necessarily; it’s actually cheaper than you think and the benefits are numerous in the long run. For instance, plain amd ambiguous packaging may be seen as the norm, but it can prove as an unnecessary cause of risk to patient safety.

With printed packaging, medicine can be obviously recognised as medicine at a quick glance and patients can clearly see what they are taking. Specific warnings can be printed on, as well as contact details for your company so your customers can reach you if a query arises. Additionally, by paying attention to finer details like upgrading plain white packaging to bespoke printed packaging, companies give the impression of taking pride in how their brand appeals to customers.

At Valley Northern we aim to make the process of custom printing orders as hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’ve created a handy guide to ordering custom printed products from us, which is free to download from our website.

Whether you’d prefer to create your own designs using our easy-to-use online Custom Print Tool, or would rather leave the colouring-in to our friendly Design Consultants, we can help you create your own bespoke packaging to suit all of your business' needs.

To start enjoying the benefits of this bespoke printing service call +44 (0)1785 250123 to speak to our friendly Design Consultants, or email for a quote.

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