Gifts for the brave children at Stoke hospital

Posted in: About Valley Northern 8th December 2017 Gifts for the brave children at Stoke hospital

Valley Northern, visited the children's ward at the Royal Stoke hospital on December 7, to donate gifts to the children on the ward and meet the devoted healthcare workers.  This comes at the time of year when hospitals are facing significant strain on resources, and young in-patients are spending this time away from their family homes.

The donation included books, games and cuddly toys. The company mascot, Hassle Free Harry, also made an appearance among the gift selection.

"We are delighted to make this donation and brighten up the day of the brave children on the ward," said Oliver Pittock, managing director at Valley Northern. "As a hospital supplier, it means a lot to us to visit the hospital environment and speak to the unsung heroes who are so dedicated to getting their patients back to health.

"This is a sector at the mercy of limited government funding, but this isn't stopping our healthcare workers from endeavouring to help patients with emergency treatment and the best medical care. This is our chance to recognise how amazing our hospital workforce is, and show our appreciation to all healthcare workers in the county.

"This visit shows that we are thinking about the workers and patients in the sectors we work in. We are passionate about raising the profile of the importance of the NHS and community pharmacies, and we are forever thankful to the staff at Stoke Hospital and all other Staffordshire-based healthcare facilities. We hope to do more in the future to help."

Together with Stafford Hospital, as part of the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, the Royal Stoke hospital serves around three million people across Staffordshire and North Wales. Its 10,000 strong workforce and 1,400 inpatient beds are a fundamental necessity in the region, which is why Valley Northern has made this contribution.

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