Standardising pharmacy packaging for ease of use

Posted in: General Information 5th April 2017 Standardising pharmacy packaging for ease of use

Pharmacy packaging provider, Valley Northern, has released a range of medicine cartons designed to save pharmacists' time and improve patient safety. The company’s ProBox® tablet carton range is available in six sizes and each carton has designated space for labelling alongside clear NHS branding.

The ProBox® range was developed with patient safety in mind. Many patients, particularly the elderly, take a lot of different medication. By dispensing tablets in boxes that are clearly marked as NHS medicines, patients can easily distinguish the box from other, over the counter medicines. In addition, the pre-defined space for the pharmacy label, with instructions on how to take the enclosed medication, means that patients can always find this information easily.

The range also helps pharmacies save time - because it comes with a ProBox® carton dispenser. This keeps all the cartons organised by size and clearly shows the appropriate product codes for each carton, so that pharmacists can find them easily when they need to restock.

“A lot of our product ranges are designed to improve patient safety and make life as hassle free as possible for pharmacists,” said Dale Pittock, sales director of Valley Northern.

“We developed the ProBox® range of tablet cartons based on feedback we’ve had from existing customers regarding things that take up valuable time.  With this range and the tidy dispenser, we’ve answered problems around easily finding the right size carton for a patient’s needs and reducing the time spent finding the best place to put a medication label.

“In addition, all ProBox® cartons have strong lock-ends. This means that there are interlocking flaps at both ends of each carton which reduces the risk of medication falling out and getting lost. With potential changes to pharmacy funding leading towards a performance-based model, every little thing pharmacies can do to be more efficient makes a huge difference. We want to support our customers in this endeavour.”

The range is available in six of the most common tablet carton sizes and can be ordered in bulk. Pharmacists that would like to find out more about how the range can help them save time and improve patient safety can visit the website here or call 01785 250123. 

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