Are you ready for Brexit? We are!

Posted in: About Valley Northern 22nd November 2019 Are you ready for Brexit? We are!

Everyone is probably bored of this word by now, but we thought it would be good to share with you what Valley Northern have done in preparation for Britain’s departure from the European Union so far.


To ensure we can maintain our usual hassle free service, even in the event of a hard Brexit, we have explored the potential impact of leaving the EU across our business very thoroughly. Some of the steps we have taken so far include:

  • Increasing our stock holding of certain products we have identified that may be affected
  • Increasing our supplier base of products that we feel may be impacted
  • Attaining approval for the Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP); meaning we can ship goods to and from the EU in the event of a ‘No Deal’ expediently – without having to sort all the customs & duty straight away
  • Being granted registered access codes for the Government Secured Freight Capacity with MDCC EU Exit Contingency Team. This means that, in the event of a ‘No Deal’, there will be dedicated shipment channels for medical items that Valley Northern can use if necessary
  • As we know that cost prices will increase if duty becomes payable on goods imported in from Europe, we have agreed fixed pricing with some of our key suppliers for the next 12 months. This means that the need for price increases affecting our customers will be kept to a minimum*
  • We have been encouraging our customers to sign off for 12 months on larger repeat orders, such as custom print. This will enable us to order these goods in now to hold in stock for them, ready for when they need their items. Customers who are taking advantage of this arrangement now are securing pre-Brexit pricing for 12 months – meaning they have guaranteed stock of necessary goods for this duration at fixed rates.


In a time of much uncertainty, changeability and political standoffs – all whilst NHS facilities continue to suffer increased medicine prices, stockpiling issues and substantial staff shortages – it was vital to us to develop pragmatic, long-term solutions to all foreseeable obstacles that could present themselves as a result of Britain leaving the EU.

Whatever happens, and whenever it does, Valley Northern will strive to provide some clarity and demonstrate compliance with changing laws, whilst ensuring our customers’ experience remains as seamless as ever.



*Where costs are within our control. We cannot guarantee prices for the future where macro environment factors are present - for example, if government tariffs are introduced. In this event we will have no option but to pass these costs on.


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